5 Tips To Find Your Perfect Wedding Dress

Let's face it, wedding dress shopping is overwhelming! With thousands of gowns available and the world wide web at our fingertips, it can seem impossible to find "The One" in a sea of white gowns. Here are 5 tips from our professional Bridal Consultants to help you find Your Perfect Gown.

Real tips from professional wedding consultants to help you find your perfect gown - The Bridal Connection, Longmont, CO

Real tips from professional wedding consultants to help you find your perfect gown - The Bridal Connection, Longmont, CO

1. Be up front (and realistic) about your budget

Before you even get started, familiarize yourself with your wedding budget and the cost of wedding gowns. Nothing is worse than finding the perfect gown, only to discover it is way out of your budget. Let your consultant know up front what you range you would like to stay within. We can show you where to find pricing and help you make sure all the gowns in your fitting room won't leave you heartbroken with sticker shock.

2. Do some research

When you set up an appointment, find out what designers the bridal shop you are visiting will carry. At The Bridal Connection, we have all of our current styles available for viewing in our Wedding Gown Gallery. You can also pin these styles directly from our site and bring in your Pinterest board to help us get an idea of what you are looking for. This will also help us pull gowns more quickly and efficiently for you and allow more time to try on more gowns.

3. Try on a variety of silhouettes

A-Line, Ballgown, Mermaid, Fit-and-Flair, Sheath... the variety of gown silhouettes is pretty wide. Try on at least one of each silhouette in a gown that is close to your size to start. This will help you decide what dress shape fits your body type best and helps you eliminate dresses that are not flattering. After you narrow down your silhouette, choose a few gowns from that selection to look at details like lace, material, etc.

4. Create a "Maybe" group of dresses

As you try on gowns, let your consultant know which gowns are "maybes." Compare each dress to the last dress you tried on. Do you like one better than the other? If so, eliminate the one you don't like as much. You only need to find one! Try to limit your "Maybe" group to 3 gowns. When you have gone through the gowns you wanted to try on, go back through your "Maybes" to start narrowing down.

5. Consider the "Big Picture."

We know you are only going to wear this dress for one day, but it's important to look at the big picture when choosing your gown. After all, you will have your photos forever! Ask yourself as you try on each gown, "Can I picture myself walking down the aisle in this dress?" Can you dance in it comfortably? Does this gown fit your overall wedding style? Will it work in your venue? Feel free to discuss these things with your consultant. She will be your biggest help in considering all of these pieces. And remember, even though your dress is important, keep focused on the fact that you are getting MARRIED! 

What tips do you have for brides looking for their perfect wedding gown? How did you know you had found "The One?" Tell us your story, and you might be featured in a future blog post!