Online Ordering Vs. Brick and Mortar Shop

There are so many options to order gowns online now. What are the pros and cons to ordering a gown online vs. in the store?

What a great question! We definitely live in a digital age, and the bridal industry is no exception. With prices often lower than bridal brick-and-mortar shops can compete with, it seems very tempting to find your perfect gown for the right price online. However, we do try to educate our brides on the pitfalls of online ordering in the bridal industry. Many of the manufacturers do not allow the sale of bridal gowns online unless the pieces are damaged or discontinued. This can limit the size and quality of the gown you would be receiving. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of online shops that use designer gowns as inspiration, but do not turn out the actual gown shown on their websites. By shopping in a brick and mortar shop, you know you can trust your own instincts by seeing and touching a gown in person. Bridal shops work very closely with their designers to produce an excellent customer service experience, and will use their expertise to help you find a gown that is perfect for your body type and vision for your wedding. At the Bridal Connection, all gowns ordered through us also include a preliminary steaming, access to our expert alterations seamstresses, and a final steam and press, with each of those services being costly and difficult to find outside of bridal shops. While you might be able to find a gown for less expensive online, good customer service and additional amenities are not able to be replicated in the digital world. I hope this answers your question!

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