Losing Weight Before Ordering

I tried on a gown I love, and it fits me well. But, I would like to lose weight before my wedding. When is the best time to buy my wedding gown? Should I wait until I lose the weight, or order a smaller dress?

This a question we get asked all the time at The Bridal Connection. Your wedding is the most important day of your life, and you want to look your best! Many of our brides want to lose weight before their weddings. The key to remember is that everyone loses weight differently. Some people may lose it on their hips, while others may lose it on their chest or bust. However, the overall frame of a person will most likely not change. If you tried on a gown that fit you well, you will want to order the gown in the size that already fits. This way, you can take in any areas that you have lost weight, and the rest of the gown will still fit. Gowns can almost be taken in, but they can’t always be let out. If you feel amazing in a dress, you will feel even more amazing when you need to take a little bit in! Thank you for asking such a great question!

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