How To Have a Great Appointment

 I want to have a great time at my appointment, and I want to find my perfect wedding dress! How can I make the most of my time during my appointment? 

What a fantastic question! At The Bridal Connection, we know your time is valuable. Shopping for a wedding gown is unlike any experience you will ever have! We want you to have a great time and feel like you got to try on everything you wanted. Here are a few tips to make your appointment successful:

  • Do your hair and makeup before you come in. When you feel beautiful already, you will feel amazing in a wedding gown. This can also give you a much better idea of what you will look like on your wedding day.
  • Wear proper undergarments. A good bra is essential to making a garment fit properly. If you do not have a good strapless bra, we can lend you one or some bra cups if you need them. Spanks are also a good idea. This will help the fabric slide and move more easily, along with giving you more of a waistline and help the dress look even more amazing.
  • Look at the website ahead of time to see which gowns we will have in the shop. Printing off photos of gowns you love or saving them to your phone will allow us to pull those gowns for you quickly and allow more time for trying on gowns.
  • Bring a 1-4 people you know will be helpful to you. Their job is to encourage you when a dress looks amazing, help you point out the flaws you might not see, and ultimately support you in your decision. Click here to read more tips about whom to bring with you.
  • Communicate with your consultant. If there is something you like or do not like about a gown, let us know! We listen to your feedback to help you find gowns that fit your vision for your big day. As you give us more information, we can make better selections for you.

We consider an appointment to be successful when a bride finds her perfect wedding gown, feels gorgeous, and has a great time. We hope you consider these tips when making your appointment! Thank you for asking such a great question!

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