Gown Shopping Party

I have several family members and friends in my area, and I want to bring them all dress shopping with me. How many people should I bring to my bridal appointment?

Photo Credit:  Captivated Photography

At The Bridal Connection, we love having family members and friends join our brides in their appointments. Shopping for a wedding gown is unlike any experience you will ever have, and we understand you want to share this moment with those closest to you. We recommend you bring 1-4 people with you to your appointment. A couple voices will help you see the parts of a gown that are amazing, and the parts that might not be as flattering. We find that brides who bring a lot of people with them tend to get overwhelmed by the number of opinions on each gown, and most need to come back for another appointment with fewer people in their party. We recommend bringing people who will be positive and encouraging, while also honest with you. Ultimately, it’s important to have people in your party who will support you and your decision in your wedding gown. Thank you for asking such a great question!

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