Finding "That Feeling" With Your Gown

Photo Credit:  Captivated Photography

When do I know when I have found “The Dress?” And after I find it, should I continue shopping?

At The Bridal Connection, we know “that feeling” of finding the perfect wedding gown is a different experience for each bride. Some brides (and their loved ones) become emotional when they see it on. Others narrow down several choices and then choose between two final gowns. Some find it after trying on only one, while others need to try on a few more before finding a perfect match. The important part is envisioning yourself getting married in that gown. If you can picture having a wonderful day with the love of your life in that gown, it’s your perfect gown! We like to say that finding the perfect dress is like finding the perfect mate, there’s no need to go shopping any more after you find it! Thank you for asking such a great question!

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