Finding a Wedding Gown For a Short Engagement

Photo Credit:  Captivated Photography

Our engagement is going to be very short. What is the best way for me to find my perfect wedding gown?

Thank you for asking such a great question! At The Bridal Connection, we often have brides that come in with short engagements and we are happy to help them. Engagements of six months or less often need extra considerations when choosing a wedding gown. Click here to read about general guidelines in ordering wedding dresses. Here are some tips for you to help you find your perfect wedding gown in a short amount of time:

  • Communicate your time frame to your consultant. She will understand everything that may need to be done to a dress, from ordering to alterations to steaming and pressing, and can give you an idea of what would be available in your time frame.
  • Ask about rush options. Some manufacturers may offer rushing a dress to you for an additional cost. This cost and schedule will vary from company to company. Some manufacturers also offer “Priority” gowns, which can be ordered with a very fast turnaround time compared to other gowns in your line.
  • Purchase your gown “off the rack.” Nothing is faster than walking out the door with your gown the same day you choose it. Most wedding gowns can be altered up or down a size or two, which can expand your choices while in the shop. Some shops may offer a stock discount on gowns as well, which can be great for your budget. Be sure to ask your consultant about what alterations need to be done, and how much they will cost.

I hope this answered your question! Do you have a question about wedding dress shopping? Send us an email and your question might be answered on the blog! Visit our Facebook page to keep up to date on the latest gowns in the shop!